, 2019-10-22 00:09:34

(Dubai, UAE, 26th May 2019)

→    Winners from Dub Drive GCC 2019 to represent their clubs at world renowned automotive event

→    Dub Drive GCC 2020 venue and date reveal live from Main Stage at Wörthersee Treffen

→    Find out more about Dub Drive GCC here


The world-famous Wörthersee Treffen event – one of the largest car events on the global calendar - is gearing up to take place again this month from the 29th of May to 2nd of June at the picturesque Austrian resort of Lake Wörthersee.

Established around 35 years ago, and attracting the largest gathering of Volkswagen car enthusiasts at one time, the week-long event welcomes over 100,000 visitors from across the globe annually. This year, the esteemed winners from Dub Drive GCC 2019, the Middle East’s annual club gathering, will also represent their clubs at the world-famous automotive event. All avid Volkswagen fans and fiercely proud of their cars, together they will join forces to showcase the Middle East’s passion for the brand.

Passionate members of Volkswagen clubs from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman earned their place at Wörthersee Treffen having set themselves apart from the rest at this year’s Dub Drive GCC. From the most sought after clubs to rare and unique cars, the winners represent the heartbeat of the Volkswagen brand in the Middle East.

Watch the unity of the Middle East clubs, and stay tuned for the announcement of Dub Drive GCC 2020 live from the main stage at Wörthersee Treffen. 

Watch the teaser Dub Drive GCC 2020 film here: YouTube and follow #DubDriveGCC for more updates.

To find out more about Dub Drive GCC 2019, visit www.dubdrivegcc.com