The VW Amarok Aventura is parked in a clearing.

The new Amarok.
This is Amarok. The new pickup from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Starting from AED 149,999
Starting from AED 2,269 AED per month

Service plan: 6 years or 60,000km service package
Warranty: 3 years unlimited mileage
Roadside Assistance: 3 years
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At home on any road

Built for people who need a car that can do more than just get them from A to B: the new Amarok is versatility on four wheels. With modern technology on board, it meets your challenges with ease: this strapping workhorse can handle almost any surface, regardless of the weather. And its new, unique design catches the eye wherever it goes. Experience the new Amarok for yourself – the successful combination of commercial vehicle and premium class from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Die Stylepakete des neuen Amarok.

Genuine design

Power, self-confidence and agility in almost any situation – that’s what makes the new Amarok the premium-class Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles pick-up. It has off-roading in its bones and its design emphasizes its exceptional all-rounder characteristics: from the elegance of an Amarok Aventura to the robustness of the Amarok PanAmericana, the exterior design offers accentuated differences for each of the five specification packages. From the different radiator grilles to the newly designed styling bars, or sports bar and steps, the new Amarok leaves little to be desired.

Der Amarok Life im Wald.

This is Offroad

What makes the new Amarok a thoroughbred off-roader? Thanks to new technology, more driving profiles, airbags and over 25 assist systems, it offers more off-road capability than its predecessor. Specifically in terms of in the body, running gear, engine and transmission versions, its off-road capabilities have been significantly enhanced from the changed dimensions to the significantly greater fording depth. The high ramp angles and higher ground clearance ensure greater all-terrain capability. In short: more off-road qualities, more off-road feeling – in other words, more Amarok.

The VW Amarok with forest workers.

Genuine versatility

Whether it’s loading materials, pulling loads or getting through rough terrain; whether you’re in the city, in the countryside or off-road; and whether it’s the basic Amarok or the Amarok Aventura – the new Amarok offers genuine versatility. The new Amarok has evolved in many different ways compared to its predecessor. Thanks to a host of clever features, it delivers even more operational readiness for more intensive use. For example, the ball coupling with a maximum trailer weight of up to 3.5 t is now available for all automatic gearboxes. Then there’s the load area: this offers enough space between the wheel housings for a Euro pallet to be loaded sideways on and features sturdy rings for lashing it in place. This – and much more – makes it a more versatile commercial vehicle. Thanks to new comfort features, over 25 assist systems, airbags and many exterior packages, it’s the pick-up that shines just as brightly when transporting people as it does when transporting cargo. It makes no difference whether you’re in an urban environment or off the beaten track.


This is Amarok. The new pick-up from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The new Amarok has been redesigned from the ground up. With its modern technology and redesign, it combines the familiar robustness with new comforts from the premium segment. Its versatility makes it special – and versatility is also a feature of the numerous extras and specification packages. So, you have even more options for finding your dream vehicle.

  • More light!

    Only LED headlights are used in the new Amarok. Starting with the Amarok Style model, the tail light cluster is also available in LED technology. As a special highlight, the new Amarok Style, Amarok PanAmericana and Amarok Aventura feature “IQ.Light” LED matrix headlights with dynamic headlight range control. In total, the following technologies are available depending on your preference and equipment:

    • “IQ.Light” LED matrix headlights
    • LED headlights
    • LED/halogen tail light cluster
    • LED fog light
    • Surround lighting
    • LED lights in cargo box
  • Rock & Road & Roll

    Wheels give each vehicle its own individual character. And that’s why there’s also a new range of wheels/tyres for the new Amarok. Do you like it powerful? Or elegant? Or perhaps more along the lines of all-terrain? From 16-inch steel rims to 21-inch alloy wheels and All Terrain tyres up to 18-inch, it’s all there.

  • The way you sit is the way you drive

    Thanks to the greater distance between the rows of seats, the five adults in the double cab now have significantly more space. And that’s not all: from the 6-way seat for the driver (4-way for the front passenger) in the Amarok base model to 10-way power seats in the Amarok PanAmericana and Amarok Aventura, you will always be comfortable in your seat. Speaking of space, you can look forward to more stowage areas, including an additional glove box, pockets on the backrests and more stowage space under the rear seats.

  • Bringing colour off road

    The new Amarok is available in eight paintwork finishes: Clear White is the solid colour and Midnight Black, Bright Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Deep Red and Bright Beige make up the metallic colours. Mid Blue is available as an exclusive Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles colour.

From basic to premium equipment: always Amarok!

The new Amarok from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles makes work even more comfortable – at least when it comes to mobility and transport. After all, the new Amarok’s standard and optional equipment offers first-class comfort combined with intelligent infotainment and modern driver assist systems – and to a much greater extent than its predecessor. Discover just a few of the numerous premium features here.

  • Sophisticated comfort

    Because some days can be tough enough on their own: the new Amarok offers premium features that can make the ride more enjoyable. For example, the convenient 10-way power front seats. These are upholstered in “Savona” and “Cricket” leather as standard in the Amarok Aventura and Amarok PanAmericana respectively, while in the Amarok Style you sit on Art Velours. The dash panel and door sill in the cab have an elegant leather look. Combined with the multifunction steering wheel and harmonious background lighting, your trip could hardly get off to a more relaxed start. The new 10-speed shift-by-wire automatic gearbox also contributes to this, efficiently transferring the power of the new Amarok to the road. And what if it suddenly starts to rain? Protect the cargo on the load area at the touch of a button with the electric Roll Cover.

  • Completely new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles design

    With powerful contours, the new Amarok features a completely reworked Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles design: the high ramp angles and higher ground clearance ensure greater off-road capability. A wider wheelbase than its predecessor conspicuously emphasizes its masculinity. Thanks to Volkswagen’s styling options, you can make your own mark on several areas and also have the choice of a wide range of options to add personal touches. From the eight paintwork finishes available in all specification packages, to trim elements such as the sports bar for the Amarok Aventura and styling bars for the Amarok Life, Amarok Style and, optionally, for the Amarok PanAmericana models, you have plenty of room to express your individual preferences.

  • Infotainment & connectivity

    Looking good: digital cockpit in 20.32 cm (8-inch) or optionally 31.24 cm (12.3-inch) sizes and mobile online services – the new Amarok also leads the way in digital matters. The large touch colour display not only controls numerous vehicle functions, it also controls the digital radio. And with the premium sound system from Harman Kardon with eight high-end speakers, subwoofer and a whopping 640 watts of music power, there’s also a treat for your ears. 

  • Driving profiles and assist systems

    More driving profiles means more options: the new Amarok’s preconfigured driving profiles help drivers in several stages during specific off-road situations and in different weather and road conditions. More than 25 assist systems, of which over 20 are completely new on board the Amarok, provide additional driving comfort on request. One of these is Park Assist Plus. After all, even if you rarely have problems with parking spaces off-road, things can get tight in urban environments. In these situations, it’s great to have a fully automated park assist steering system to guide the vehicle into a tight spot. The system can detect an available parking space and perform the parking maneuver. All you have to do is supervise the parking process and intervene if necessary. Also helpful in tight situations: the Area View. It provides multiple views with cameras on all four sides, including a 360° overhead view. Do you often drive on multi-lane roads in the city or on the highway? If so, you will find the lane change system very helpful: using an LED light unit in the respective exterior mirror, it can warn you of vehicles approaching from behind or that are already in your blind spot. These and many other assist systems make the new Amarok not just better, but also more relaxing to drive.

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As convenient as they are important: driver assist systems

The new Amarok can be equipped with over 25 assist systems, 20 of which are available in an Amarok for the first time. Simply decide according to how much comfort you want to enjoy on your journeys.

Comfort assist systems

Driving assist systems