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We’re a generation brought together by a lifestyle built around the iconic Golf GTI.
If you’re one of us, share your passion, memories, and adventures using #GenGTIOpens an external link.

We’re a generation brought together by a lifestyle built around the iconic Golf GTI.
If you’re one of us, share your passion, memories, and adventures using #GenGTIOpens an external link.

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Meet Clement Piard.

I am Clément, 24 years old, from France. Because of Covid and the bad situation that was happening in my country, I decided to move to Dubai in January 2021, with the purpose of finding a job.

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The evolution of #GenGTI in the region

The “generation GTI” is a community by itself. GTI fans have been active in all Middle East countries for decades, sharing their passion and love for these iconic hatchbacks and meeting up at track days, regular local Volkswagen club meets or just chatting about cars.

Dub Drive 2017

It was the love and passion for the brand which connected Volkswagen clubs from across the Middle East to suggest the first regional Volkswagen Clubs’ gathering in 2017. It took less than two months for the dream to come alive, and Dub Drive GCC was born.

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Dub Drive 2018

The first Dub Drive 2018 event was a great success for the region, seeing over 150 Volkswagen cars and over 300 people attend. The event grew exponentially on yearly basis, and till date it is the largest gathering of Volkswagen fans and families in the Middle east.

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Dub Drive 2019

In 2019, Dub Drive reached new grounds as it was showcased on the main stage of Wörthersee GTI Club Treffen, proudly representing our Middle East region, our car culture and our strong Volkswagen family in front of the 100,000 visitors and fans from all around the world.

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Volkswagen Clubs from the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait have proudly put the Middle East region on the automotive map following an impressive showcase at the 2019 edition of Wõrthersee Treffen, the world’s largest Volkswagen gathering and GTI Meet.

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Dub Drive 2020

The last edition of Dub Drive GCC 2020 was the largest Volkswagen family festival in the region to date with over 1,000 enthusiasts gathering in Abu Dhabi. The monumental annual event kicked off with a convoy of over 400 cars through the streets of the capital. The passion for the brand was truly felt around the world famous Yas Marina Circuit.

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Moving forward

We would like to thank our Volkswagen clubs, enthusiasts and families, who joined us throughout the past years.

Stay tuned for updates about 5th edition of Dub Drive GCC!   We may not gather in such large numbers as we have experienced it in 2020, the world has changed a bit since then with the pandemic, but we know that the love for Volkswagen will bring us together again soon.

Dub Drive GCC. One family. One heartbeat.

A brief history of the Golf GTI
The story of the MK1 to MK8

Read more about how the Golf GTI became the icon that it is today and learn more about the model features, design, and overall history.

Volkswagen Clubs of the Middle East
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Why the VW Golf GTI Mk8 is the hottest hatch yet.

May 4, 2021: After the madness of 2020, things are looking like they’re slowly returning to normal again. Formula One is back on the TV, people are slowly but carefully mingling once more at old coffee haunts and Volkswagen has a new Golf GTI.

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Dubai Autodrome

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Takes On Dubai Autodrome.

April 14, 2021: The Volkswagen Golf GTI is just one of those cars that you instantly fall in love with. I’m not sure if it has to do with its styling, its performance, or if it is to do with the fact that it is truly a niche contender. The all-new eighth-generation model had some big shoes to fill after the immense success of its predecessors but having driven it on track...

Zaran Tarapore, Yalla Motor

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