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More and more Driver Assistance Systems ensure that you have a more convenient and environmentally responsible driving experience. The prerequisite is a strong starter battery that supplies your Volkswagen reliably with exactly the right quantity of energy. 


Volkswagen Genuine Starter Batteries

Energy tailored exactly to your Volkswagen.

Product information

Your Volkswagen Genuine starter battery supplies precisely the quantity of energy that your Volkswagen needs – for a sure start even in hot weather. For environmentally friendly functions like the Start-Stop System. And for more convenience due to  air conditioning, radio and everything that makes your journey even more pleasant and even nicer. 

Your benefits

Supplies precisely the quantity of energy that your Volkswagen needs.
More performance.
Thanks to higher-than-average lead content and high-quality materials.
Constant energy.
Low self-discharge over the entire lifecycle.

7 things you are sure not to have known about your battery.

Your battery needs to be changed from time to time. Reason: Whenever the battery discharges, lead sulphate crystals, which reduce the electricity flow in the long term, form on the battery's lead plates. The more lead sulphate crystals have formed on the plate surfaces, the less capacity the battery has.

Long idle times, many short journeys: When it is time for a change depends on many factors. As a general rule, however, you should have your battery checked yearly . Like this, you will be able to rely on it at all times. 

Safe for you yourself and your Volkswagen: Let trained specialists change your battery. Ultimately, many things need to be taken into account here: Battery acid is highly corrosive, escaped gases may explode and an incorrectly fitted battery will damage your Volkswagen.

Many Volkswagen have a battery energy management. Among other things, it detects the state of the battery and controls the vehicle's energy management. That works only if the battery is matched exactly to the vehicle and the system recognises it via a code. Otherwise, an unnecessary load may be placed on the battery or it may be over-discharged. This may give rise to permanent damage.

Are you unsure how old your Volkswagen Genuine Starter Battery is? No need to worry. You can read it off from the negative pole, where calendar week and year have been embossed.

Volkswagen Genuine Batteries.

Reliable energy and more performance thanks to a higher than average lead content and top quality materials: That's our Volkswagen Genuine Starter Batteries. The maintenance-free Genuine Batteries are the best replacement for your Volkswagen should you need one.


Vehicle Safety Check.

Safety with a certificate and in next to no time.

We check your Volkswagen from the engine through to the brakes – in the Express Service as well. Result: Good value retention. A quality certificate. And, of course, the good feeling that comes from being safer on the road.    

Four brief tips for a long battery life.

More energy for longer and no trembling in winter: Get even more from your battery now.

Full power for the environment.

Want to do something for the environment? Many Volkswagen models will help you here with functions like the start-stop system or brake energy regeneration, recuperation, for short. Prerequisite: a strong starter battery.


Start-Stop system.

The start-stop system automatically switches the engine off and back on when you take your foot off the clutch or brake or depress it again. This enables you to consume up to 0.2 l less fuel for every 60 miles (100km) in urban driving. Prerequisite: a battery that is particularly cycle-proof – i.e. remains efficient even with frequent charging and discharging.