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Red Volkswagen Scirocco in urban setting

The Scirocco.

Powerful looks

Its all-round sporty class is clear to see. The Scirocco is the epitome of advanced dynamism and efficient performance

Equipment & Design

Its forward momentum is unmistakable even when stationary. The dynamic look is part of the Scirocco’s sporty DNA

  • Front design

    The looks keep on getting better. The Scirocco impresses with its narrow headlights and striking air inlet.

  • Rear design

    The Scirocco's rear end is eye-catching: twin exhaust pipe, striking lights and beefy bumpers characterise the rear.

  • Side design

    Its long wheelbase ensures stability, while the sight of its dynamic silhouette will set your pulse racing.

  • Headlights

    The far-sighted headlight range helps you combat poor visibility and enjoy a safe journey

  • Wheel range

    The extensive wheel line-up has something for everyone. Everything so you can bring your individual style to the road.

  • Paint finish

    From subtle to flashy.

    Sporty Pure White, mysterious Deep Black or fiery Flash Red*: you determine the character of your Scirocco with the paint finish. Anyone looking to move away from the usual range of colours will find something truly extraordinary. For instance with the metallic colours: let the car shimmer in Viper Green*, Rising Blue, Ultra Violet or Pyramid Gold and you’ll certainly attract lots of attention. Despite the superb colours it’s good to know that under the high-grade paintwork, the electrogalvanised surface provides reliable anti-corrosion protection.

    * Available at a later date. Your Volkswagen partner will be happy to notify you of the exact date.

Optional Scirocco R-Line equipment.

The lines of a sports coupé are an expression of pure dynamism; what could be more appropriate than consummately rounding off your Scirocco with the R-Line equipment? The optional R-Line exterior package: If you want to win, then you need to stand out from the crowd: give your Volkswagen a touch of remarkable sportiness. The optional R-Line interior package: Make the Scirocco's interior reflect your personality. The R-line "interior" package helps do just that with its numerous high-quality features.

Starting price includes:


Whether you need to make a call during the journey, require the latest traffic information, want to use the navigation system to reach your destination or simply fancy listening to your favourite tunes – the Scirocco comes with countless simple and convenient ways to use cutting-edge technology.

  • Radio systems

    The optional “RCD 310” radio system with eight speakers, CD and MP3 playback with track listings will keep you perfectly entertained. You can easily connect a smartphone or MP3 player via the AUX-IN multimedia socket. If you’re looking for pristine digital radio reception, then the DAB+ system not only provides excellent audio sound, but also delivers additional services, such as up-to-the-minute traffic reports and weather.

  • "DYNAUDIO Excite"

    Can you imagine that music could sound better in your car than it does from your audio system at home? The optional “DYNAUDIO Excite” sound system is specially designed for the acoustics of your car's interior, delivering sound to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning audiophile.

  • Navigation systems

    The “RCD 310” radio system is also available with the “RNS 315” navigation function. You can display your route in 2D or 3D on the colour touchscreen with its 12.7 cm screen diagonal – while enjoying the crystal-clear sound of your “RCD 310”. The “RNS 510” radio/navigation system boasts a larger display with 16.5 cm screen diagonal and a DVD player. Films and music can be saved ready for use on the integrated 30 GB hard drive. Just like the “RNS 315” the system comes with an SD card slot as an additional data source and also supports voice control; an option you’ll quickly come to appreciate particularly when driving. So you really have got everything you need to get to your destination with the best possible entertainment.

  • Mobile phone preparations

    The optional mobile phone preparations ensures you can also be contacted on your mobile phone while on the move.



    You can play virtually any of today’s portable audio sources in the Scirocco. You simply need the optional MEDIA-IN multimedia socket with USB adapter cable or with the iPod/iPhone adapter cable. The socket together with the cable are stored in the front centre armrest; an ideal place to store external audio devices such as a smartphone, MP3 player and USB stick. The radio or radio/navigation system is used to operate the device and supports track listings.

Assistance Systems

The assistance systems are there when you need them, making driving and parking easier, and taking comfort, convenience and safety to new levels

  • Cruise control system

    Stay relaxed courtesy of the cruise control system. But keep an eye out for the cup icon!

  • ParkPilot

    The highly practical driver assistance system "ParkPilot" warns of obstacles when parking by means of acoustic signals.

  • "Rear Assist" rear-view camera

    The optional “Rear Assist” rear-view camera provides a perfect view when reversing. On the display of your radio or radio/navigation system – a relevant unit is a prerequisite for using “Rear Assist” – you can see the field of vision from the camera built into the vehicle’s rear end. Lines are also displayed which show you the distance to obstacles behind the vehicle.

  • “Light Assist” main beam control

    “Light Assist” main beam control

    Optimised visibility. The optional “Light Assist” main beam control system ensures greater safety thanks to good visibility when driving in the dark. The system automatically controls the main and dipped beam in complete darkness at speeds above 60 km/h. Using a camera in the interior mirror the system can detect vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic and switches between dipped and main beam depending on the traffic situation. “Light Assist“ means you don’t have to switch manually between dipped and main beam, leaving you free to concentrate fully on the road ahead.

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The Scirocco offers powerful engines and state-of-the-art technology to combine sportiness with efficiency

  • Engine

    Powerful yet fuel-efficient: the Scirocco engine with BlueMotion technology and enormous high-revving flexibility.

  • Direct shift gearbox DSG

    Thrust does not fade: with the optional direct shirt gearbox DSG you can accelerate with no loss of tractive power while shifting.

  • Freewheel function

    Take your foot off the accelerator without applying the brakes: the standard freewheel function automatically decouples the engine to save fuel.

  • Tyre monitoring display

    The tyre monitoring display monitors the tyre pressure and alerts the driver as soon as the pressure begins to fall.


Make yourself comfortable in your Scirocco. Its extensive basic equipment, the uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.

  • Adaptive chassis control (DCC)

    A stiffly tuned suspension is the best solution for sporty driving. Relaxed cruising calls for a softer set-up. Normal, comfortable and sporty: the adaptive chassis control (DCC) provides you with ample adjustment options for any driving style and any road surface. If you let the automatic transmission select the damping, the suspension and power steering constantly respond to different driving situations and even take into account the steering, acceleration and braking. Handling is improved with the adaptive chassis control (DCC), along with the driver’s feel for the road and speed.

  • Cockpit

    A visibly sporty cockpit.

    With chic leather, high-quality chrome features and helpful instrumentation, the cockpit of the Scirocco makes it easy to keep everything under control while driving.

  • Sports seats

    Negotiating hairpin bends is great fun in the Scirocco. The sports seats with their excellent lateral support will effortlessly offset even noticeable centrifugal forces. The easy adjustability of the front seats is also convenient. That way you’ll quickly find a comfortable position however big you are. The hard-wearing Titanium Black “Matthiew” upholstery with its progressive checked pattern design ideally complements the sports seats – and visually too.

  • “Climatronic” air conditioning system

    An air conditioning system is fitted as standard on the thoroughbred Scirocco. Regulate the air temperature, volume and distribution to create the ideal environment. The optional “Climatronic” allows the front passenger to set their own pleasant temperature independently of the driver. The separate temperature adjustment is shown exactly on a display to the nearest half degree Celsius.

  • Dashboard

    What does the charge pressure do? The oil temperature? The additional round dials provide information on the engine status. A multifunction stopwatch for measuring lap times is a third instrument – a statement for those avid motor racing fans. Through the steering wheel the driver catches a glimpse of the instrument cluster, which also exudes sporty charm with its tube design and chrome rings. The excitement rises well before the indicator on the rev counter has had chance to move.

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