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The Beetle Cabriolet.

The zest for life has moved up a gear.

The Beetle Cabriolet is now sportier. With a more powerful design, more progressive drive technology and more generous dimensions you can head off into the sun with renewed gusto.

Starting from

Starting from



Assuming responsibility

The Beetle knows exactly where its help is required: it enhances safety on every journey with intelligent driver assistance systems – just like a responsible grown-up should do.

  • Bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running

    Apart from being a sensational sight itself, the Beetle Cabriolet can greatly improve the driver's view of the road ahead too, thanks to the optional bi-xenon headlights with distinctive LED daytime running lights. Bi-xenon relieves the strain on you when driving at night especially by emitting a light spectrum similar to daylight. Besides the long range of their beams, the headlights are also notable for their excellent illumination of the sides of the road. Further plus points include their low energy consumption and long life. The LED daytime running lights are each composed of 15 separate light-emitting diodes and diffusion lenses, which are arranged inside the headlight unit in three-dimensional form in a distinctive ‘C’ pattern. The lighting design is perfectly rounded off by the LED licence plate illumination at the rear.

  • Electronic Stabilisation Program incl. comfort braking assistant

    The Beetle Cabriolet has thought of everything where safety is concerned: the standard Electronic Stabilisation Program and anti-lock braking system (ABS) including comfort braking assistant, ABS, EDL and ASR ensure excellent handling characteristics even in difficult situations. By intervening in the braking system and engine management with lightning speed, these systems help the Beetle Cabriolet to stay on course with masterful ease.

  • Hill hold

    The Hill Hold function on the Beetle Cabriolet comes to your aid during everyday driving as standard. It governs the starting torque when pulling away on an uphill gradient and interacts with the hydraulic brake assist and the transmission control to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards by applying the brakes. The Hill Hold function makes stalling the engine a thing of the past too.

  • ParkPilot

    A tight parking spot with no-one to guide you in? With the ParkPilot, you’ll have all the support you need. It might lack the human touch, but it is highly reliable, employing sensors in the front and rear bumpers to alert you to any obstacles by means of both acoustic signals and, depending on the radio system, visual signals too. As you draw closer to the object, the tone’s frequency quickens, eventually swelling into a continuous tone once the distance drops below 30 cm. And should you ever prefer to have someone guide you in after all, it is perfectly simply to silence the ParkPilot system too.

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